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Overland Reservoir

Overland Ditch & Reservoir Company

Overland Reservoir
Overland Reservoir

The Overland Ditch and Reservoir Company was founded in 1903 as a mutual ditch company for the purposes of serving agricultural farmers primarily in the Redlands Mesa area of Delta County, Colorado.

The  company  owns a  6200 AF  reservoir (The Overland Reservoir), located on US Forrest Service land on the East End of Grand Mesa in the  “Electric Mountain” Quadrangle.   The 1917, 1921, and 1954 storage right decrees are derived from the Muddy Basin Drainage of the North Fork of the Gunnison River.  The conveyance structure is 28 mile long and traverses very rugged and remote terrain beginning at the 10,000 foot Overland Reservoir and Eastern Rim terminating on the Eastern Rim of Redlands Mesa (Delta County).

The company owns 75cfs of 1917 runoff rights captured from the line of the ditch as it intersects the Hubbard, Terror, Roadmap, Lower Cow Creek, and Leroux Creek drainages.    On average, 16,000 acre feet of water (6200 AF stored, 10,000 AF runoff) are supplied to 120 shareholders irrigating 5000 acres of agricultural farm land.  20% of the shareholders obtain water from the main ditch prior to the arrival on Redlands Mesa.

The crops include hay, orchards, vineyards, organic vegetable, and trees.  Animal operations include beef cattle, buffalo, Elk, alpaca’s, and dairy farmers.


  • Number of Overland Shares – 10,000
  • Reservoir Capacity – 6,200A’
  • Canal Length – 28 miles
  • Annual Meeting – Second Monday in February
  • Monthly Board Meetings on second Thursdays monthly at 5:00pm, Redlands Mesa Grange Hall
  • Transfer Fees – $75.00