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Redlands Mesa Water Users Association (RMWUA)is a small irrigation company that provides irrigation water to farms and ranches on Redlands Mesa. The Redlands Mesa Water Users Association was organized in 1951 but did not file for incorporation with the State of Colorado until 1969. The Bylaws for RMWUA were revised in 1962 and again in 1974.

The object for the organization was and is:

“The purpose of acquiring water rights, ditch rights, reservoir rights and to distribute water to its stockholders; to acquire water rights for exchange purposes and to negotiate and enter into agreements for exchange of water rights, by proper agreements with The North Fork Water Conservatory District for the purpose of providing additional irrigation water and domestic water for the use of the stockholders and to accept and distribute water owned by The Overland Ditch and Reservoir Company.”

Refer to “The Water Management Plan” under Company Documents for more information