Overland Ditch & Reservoir Company

A Mutual Ditch Company Founded in 1903

Irrigating 5,000 Acres in Delta County

Overland Reservoir is located 22 miles north of Paonia near the divide between the Grand Mesa National Forest and the Gunnison National Forest.

Overland Reservoir




Overland Shareholders:

We will most likely be starting the drain down on the Overland Ditch, the end of this week, or beginning of next week. Please note, all days are estimates and may change. I will update as we move forward.

                                                                 Redlands Mesa Water Users Shareholders:

During the Overland drain down, we will not be running any (Project) late water shares. We cannot deliver your water, if we cannot maintain a steady flow. I will let you know if we will be excepting late water orders on Wednesday (July 22, 2020) or not.  After the drain down, Project (late) water will continue as normal. I will post updates as we move forward. Drain down can last 2 to 6 days.  Please note all days are estimates and may change.

Upcoming Meeting

Overland Board of Directors Meeting

September 10, 2020

    6:00 pm

Overland Board of Directors Meeting
2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
Located at The Redlands Mesa Grange Hall, on the corner of Redlands Mesa Road and 2800 Road.

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Redlands Mesa Water Users Shareholders:
Due to the Severe drought we are in, above normal temperatures and no measurable amount of rain predicted in the near future, the remaining shares left have been cut by 1/3. The shrink is very high. Please call Deb Christner or Shellie Gies with any questions you have on your remaining shares. We did not want to do this, but we have no choice. Please continue to work with your neighbors to run your water. If we do not do this, there is a high chance you will not receive your water.

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Redlands Mesa Project Shareholders:
We have several shareholders running water together this Tuesday August 18. If you want to get an order in please do so by 6:00 pm this evening (Sunday). This will probley be the best run of the season.

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