Overland Ditch & Reservoir Company

A Mutual Ditch Company Founded in 1903

Irrigating 5,000 Acres in Delta County

Overland Reservoir is located 22 miles north of Paonia near the divide between the Grand Mesa National Forest and the Gunnison National Forest.

Overland Reservoir




Overland and Redlands Mesa Project water had to be cut back this evening. Early water is coming to an end. Your water flow will drop.

We will start releasing water from the Overland Reservoir very soon.

Redlands Mesa shareholders will go to late water only. Orders will have to go in to receive your late water. I will let you know when we do our first late water order. If you do not want to be turned off, please get a order in the box as soon as possible. There most likely will be a pro-rate period after early water is done.

Upcoming Meeting

Overland Board of Directors Meeting

June 11, 2020

    6:00 pm

Overland Board of Directors Meeting
2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
Located at The Redlands Mesa Grange Hall, on the corner of Redlands Mesa Road and 2800 Road.

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I'm not sure how long the snow will last. Res. At 33.5 ft. 42 is full. The water we are receiving now is from the Hubbard's, still some snow there too. ...

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Overland and Redlands Mesa Project water had to be cut down this evening Early water is almost over. ...

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Redlands Mesa Shareholders:
Early water is estimated to be over within the next 7 to 10 days. Expect water flow to start dropping any day now, as the snow melt is over.

Overland Shareholder:
We will be going to Reservoir water around the same time. Your water flow will be effected as well. We will steady it out with Reservoir water when early water is over.

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