UPDATE September 15, 2019
Overland is on track to go off on Tuesday or Wednesday (September 17 or 18) there will be a run down period of 2 to 3 days.
Redlands Mesa Water Users, we will not be accepting late water orders on Tuesday September 17, 2019. The Late water, (Project) will be turned off on Tuesday. We will turn the Project back on as soon as the Overland rundown is over. Hopefully we can start running again on Friday, September 20, 2019. I will let you all know ASAP.

UPDATE September 11, 2019
Overland and Redlands Mesa Water Users:
We will be shutting the Overland water off for the Season next week. The expected day will be between September 15 to September 18. There will be a period of “run down” after the Reservoir has been shut down, where the Overland flow will decrease rapidly over a course of 2 to 4 days. During this period we will be turning the Project (Late Redlands Mesa Water Users Water) off and will not be excepting any orders. We cannot properly deliver late water when the flow is changing so drastically. We will keep everyone posted on exact dates and when we will be turning the Project(Redlands Mesa Late Water) back on. Please check back for updates. The Redlands Mesa Project Water is expected to be available to order through the end of October.

ATTENTION Overland Shareholders:
The Septmeber Overland Board of Directors Meeting has been changed to Wednesday September 11, 2019. Meeting will start at 6:00pm

September 2, 2019
Overland Shareholders:
We are estimating that the Overland water will run for approximately 2 more weeks.(Around September 15, 2019) Then the ditch will be shut down for the winter. I will keep you updated on the date as we move closer to the end of water season.

Overland Ditch Shareholders:
If you have questions for the Ditch Rider, please contact Andy Kasper, Andy will be taking over for Robert Stephenson through the summer.

Overland Ditch and Reservoir/Redlands Mesa Water Users have a shared Facebook page, a quick easy way to get updates! Please give us a like and follow our page to stay updated.

Overland Stock transfer fees is $75.00 a certificate.

Redlands stock transfer fee is $15.00 per A-voting stock and $20.00 per B-1 and B-2 certificate.

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How Diversion and Beneficial Use of Water Affect the Value and Measure of a Water Right




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Upcoming Meeting

November 14, 2019 @ 5:00pm

Overland Board of Directors Meeting
2nd Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm
Located at The Redlands Mesa Grange Hall, on the corner
of Redlands Mesa Road and 2800 Road.


Attention Redlands Mesa Water Users:
Late water will be coming to a close for the season. You can still order water for October 22 (3 day run), October 25 (4 day run) and the last box set will be October 29 (3 day run) If you are still planning on running your late water this year, make sure and get your orders in on the appropriate order days. Call me or email me with any questions.

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Redlands Mesa Water Users:
Late water (Project) will be turned back on Tuesday September 24, 2019. Please get your orders in by 6:00pm Sunday evening, to run on Tuesday.

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Redlands Mesa Water Users:
It is still unclear rather we can run late water on Friday. If you were planning on ordering, go ahead and put your order in by 6:00pm this evening. I will collect orders and call everyone who ordered, if we are unable to run Friday September 20, 2019.

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Ice, Ice and more Ice? April 11, 2018

Robert, Andy and Ray working hard to get water flowing for the 2018 irrigation season.

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