Irrigation season has started. If you are ready for water, once it shows up, then make sure your box is opened as the box setters will not open the box. The box setters do not know what is happening on you property, beyond the box and don’t want to harm anything. Boxes will be set once the water starts running.

Overland Ditch and Reservoir has a Facebook page, a quick easy way to get updates!

Overland Stock transfer fees is $75.00 a certificate.

Redlands stock transfer fee is $15.00 per A-voting stock and $20.00 per B-1 and B-2 certificate.

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ESRI map

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How Diversion and Beneficial Use of Water Affect the Value and Measure of a Water Right




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Monthly meetings every second Thursday

Next Overland Meeting: Thursday
September 14, 2017 @ 4pm
Redlands Mesa Grange

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